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Lunch With Ellie Thiele From Airbnb

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Ellie Thiele, a creative and engaging woman who took a risk that landed her within the folds of an impressive and flourishing company. That company is Airbnb, which, of course, hasn't always been the household name that it is today. Resonating with the mission and believing in the company's potential, Ellie became the thirteenth person to join the startup. While working for Airbnb in San Francisco, Ellie continued her education clear across the country, finishing her requirements at Syracuse University for a dual degree in Advertising and Neuroscience (wow!). Since then she has "worn many hats," which any startup team members can easily relate to, and has held titles such as Product Manager and User Experience Researcher. During the Q&A luncheon she spoke of company culture, core values, balancing responsibilities, user experience, research, product development, teamwork, guerilla marketing, and other exciting things going on at Airbnb. I walked away feeling inspired and thankful to have gained some wisdom that I can apply to my life today.

  • Taking risks can be extremely rewarding! 
  • Company culture starts with the founders. Be passionate and excited about the business and others will be as well.

  • Keep record of questions you have and who you would ask for the answers, those may be the people you want to bring onto the team.

  • Research and teamwork are essential to the development of successful products and positive user experiences. 

  • And my favorite: Be constantly learning; it will keep you engaged and sharp.

Now to apply those things as we build Anything But Beer!


Thanks, Ellie, for making yourself available and for sharing your experiences!

Brittany BerryComment